Depth of Winter

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Walt Longmire has been completing several missions for his government right from the year one when he joined the agency. The legendary hero has never failed his government in any of the tasks and the man fear nothing, not even death. However for the first time he understands the true meaning of the word fear and realizes that there is one thing that can terrorize him to the core.

The head of an international drug cartel has kidnapped Walt Longmire’s beloved daughter and this time the mission is personal, unluckily that’s why there is no help from the government. The role of the government is limited as we see that the people on the higher seats seem to be out sourced and Longmire is on a race against time. We see him for the first time longing for something so badly and becoming so desperate for the success of his mission. Craig Johnson’s skill of writing has never been better as we have seen such scenes in books like Land of Wolves and The Cold Dish but the depiction has never been so better.

The acts are better equipped along with a brilliant use of figurative language. This is something over which the writer has worked over the years and the improvement is visible and really shows an impact. George Guidall goes on with the narration of the books and there is much more severity in the narration in order to show that the issue is lot more personal this time. The words too that are put in the mouth of the characters have a special pinch that can be felt widely by the audience.



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