Descent of Angels

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Descent of Angels is a contemporary science fiction novel. It is excellently written by Mitchel Scanlon, where the plot of the novel and its characters promises to take is audience on an extremely joyful literary art ride. The book is chapter 6 of The Horus Heresy novel series. The narration of this over 10 hours long novel is given by Gareth Armstrong. As per the many reviews and feedbacks of this audio book, the narrator has done an extremely marvelous job.

The Caliban planet exists much as it has been there for more than thousands of years. There were knightly orders made, which were meant to protect the common population and also to battle against all those beasts that prowls in the pits of the apparently endless forests.

Then there is Nemiel and the young Zahariel, who aspire to become part of the greatest of all the orders, which are led always by example of Lion El’Jonson and also his great vision of having a unified and a peaceful world. But, on the other hand, the coming of the Imperium also comes up with the novice concerns and then a novice destiny as well for the Lion, which is chunk of the Great Crusade. Moreover, the children of Caliban are supposed to decide, whether they will go on to follow him in the path of glory right among the stars.

Mitchel Scanlon is a good writer and his work speak volumes about his craft and abilities. Dark Angels is another book of the author, which is the German edition. If that is your go to language then you will definitely love it to its core.




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