Descent of the Reaper

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Descent of the Reaper is a science fiction and fantasy story. It is the eighth installment in The Last Reaper novel series. It is jointly authored by J. N. Chaney and Scott Moon. They are both incredible writers of science fiction and magic happens when they write together. You can experience that in their Wrath of the Reaper novel. Fear the Reaper is another such great book by the authors.

Tom Taylorson is the narrator of Descent of the Reaper novel. He performed with an excellent and easy-to-understand accent which had goo inflections as well.

The ancient enemies of the evacuation fleet were not daring enough to set their foot on the surface. When Cain along with his team made a daring attack on the quiescent shipyard that belonged to the ancient civilization then he would soon be up against a nightmare that turned real.

How far will it be possible for a guardian such as Cain to go and protect his near and dear ones? It has been a long time since he got ripped off from his own life and then converted into a lethal, cold-blooded murder facilitated with cybernetic weapons.

In the current times, he would look for redemption along with a good chance at saving the exodus fleet from all the threats and their own mistakes. The people of Xad and Wallach more than ever had become his very own people. This is a much-needed new home for them which they were trying for such a long time.

This book is not as good as some of the previous books in the series. The story is flat and the character’s development was not up to the mark.

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