Desperation Audiobook

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Desperation By Stephen King

The book is written by Stephen King and for the first time, the writer himself has also played the role of the narrator of the story. The story has a wonderful beginning. The writer has done the job of a narrator wonderfully well. He was able to describe the story in a better way according to his own ideas. The story as a whole is quite terrifying and the characters are also well-developed ones.

The end of the story is also unique which one doesn’t really find in common novels. One can find all the attractive elements in it like irony and especially that which is linked with the almighty and human beings. He has also discussed the Almighty with the help of the Holy Bible in order to make the whole thing more concrete.  The religious point of view of the story also makes it worth to hear.

Desperation By Stephen King

The way the story is narrated and the tone used for different characters is also quite appealing for the listeners. There were some passages of the story though where the narrator mixed it a bit and it became a bit difficult to differentiate between the characters but that was not much of a trouble as it was tackled in a better way in the latter stage of the story.  

Some other books by the same author which are almost the same category and follow the same theme in most of the cases are it, The sleeping beauties and the Dark Tower 1.


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