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The werewolves were going down in number and the pack was decreasing continuously. They thought that they would get extinct after a short while and then Kai saved Aurora.

She was a human who was dying because of an accident and to save her, Kai changed her and made her one of his kind. This was the start of miracles for the pack because the powers which started appearing in Aurora were marvelous. Leia Stone has started this second part right from where Matefinder: Volume 1 ended.

The vampires are after Aurora now because they want her blood which is more like a precious relic for them. With her blood the vampires can change their destiny and can bring a huge change in the world. The power shift can rock the entire world in this way. Aurora has to save herself and at the same time Kai and Aurora have to protect the pack as well. The vampires are not the only problem, there are witches too who have been acting as allies for some time.

The witches come to know something big about Aurora and the secret is dangerous and scary for everyone. In Dara Rosenberg’s voice, we listen to the second episode of the series in which Aurora and Kai and surrounded by enemies from all sides.

If they want to survive and keep the pack safe then they have to get rid of the enemies as running is not the way of the werewolves. Balance is the final book of the series, just don’t leave that one if you want to hear about the conclusion of the war.

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    Matefinder: Volume 1



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