Devil in a Blue Dress

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The Devil in a Blue Dress, An Easy Rawlins Mystery is a fictional story set with the African-American characters. The author of this book is Walter Mosley. This is also the opening book of the Easy Rawlins novel series by the author. The excellent narration with his signature style is given by Michael Boatman.

The book stands among the top 100 mystery books of all time. For its great story and crafting excellent situation, it was awarded with the prestigious Audie award. The Independent Mystery Booksellers Association marked it as one of the 100 favorite mysteries of the century.

The story is about a young, black veteran living in Los Angeles. All he wanted was to have respect and good enough money to pay off his mortgage.  He undertook a casual job on low salary with a mobster once he got fired from his job in a factory. He relays all the information to the white mobster just As Easy lobbied in order to get the clues. He escaped police, met a very suspicious woman and find out about a murder. He then started with the investigation for the sake of his own self-defense.

This story is a welcome addition into the archives of mystery thrillers. It is mainly because of its unusual and excellently depicted protagonist, who is also highly talented and redolent. His speech, mannerism and especially his social life also adds to the charm of his character and the success of the novel.

The other popular novels by Walter Mosley include the likes of A Red Death and Down the River unto the Sea. These recommended books are outstanding mystery thrillers, which promises to keep you mesmerized and amused for good number of hours.







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