Devil’s Bride

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The book has an appealing story with surely an engaging plot that takes the listener on a trip full of spicy things that are not expected from books with a history tag attached. It is the lively way that Stephanie Laurens uses for the novels and in the character description that we cannot resist the temptation of her works.

Narrated dramatically by Simon Prebble the novel begins with the picture perfect life of a governess named Honoria Wetherby who wants to keep her life that way. She does not want to live a life under a man’s thumb and that’s why she has decided not to marry at all.


Fate however has other plans for her and it is revealed when she finds herself with a dead body in the woods. That night changes everything for her; she is even forced to marry the cousin of the one who was killed because she lost her honor in front of the Devil. The name Devil was a perfect match with the personality of the man whom Honoria married but she was left with no other option as the killer was still on their tales.

The other two books Where the Heart Leads and The Perfect Lover can be enjoyed along with this novel but these two books don’t possess the sensation equal to the current novel. It is like riding a roller coaster where the action never stops until the ride is over.

Till the end the listener is alert about what is going on in the novel and one has to remember all the events in order to join them together at the end.

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