Die Trying

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Lee Child’s favorite comes back for another scintillating new venture, Jack Reacher has been helping people over the years but he never wanted this mission. His presence on the spot started the trouble for him when he saw a woman being chased by a few men. They wanted to catch her on a deserted path of the road, Reacher of course wasn’t able to hold himself down in such a situation and he acted fast. Being able to perform so much action in the past gave Jack the confidence to pull this one off in a flash.

Unluckily he woke up moments later tagged with the woman and he was surprised to know that he was also abducted. Kidnappers were surely skilled and they wanted an unusual ransom that only the woman could pay. Between all of this shit, Jack was never needed but he was there and when he is in a scene he just cannot keep himself quite.

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Awesome ways and superb techniques are used by the man who is famous for his impossible missions all over the globe. Throughout the thriller Jack keeps on running, it is death that is after him and he has a habit of cheating it. Johnathan McClain is one of the best narrators of fictional novels however narrating Lee Child’s world is never easy. We saw The Sentinel and Blue Moon going big on the narrators on several occasions.

The tough task here is performed rather decently by Johnathan. Voice never gets shaky when the tides are high or the scenes become over-emotional. No doubt we will hear Jonathan in more parts to come after this second part of a tremendous series.



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