Dispatches from the Edge

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A memoir by a person who can depict news in the best possible way, is something a fan should not miss. Anderson Cooper i.e the writer and narrator of this wonderful book has been a highlight throughout his career. It was Anderson who presented several devastating news on CNN and brought the dark to light.

Over the years one thing which the author has not shared much with the people, is his personal life. Cooper does not talk much about his mother Gloria Vanderbilt and the tragedy which struck his family many years ago. His father died quite early in life and then his elder brother was also snatched from him by the cruel hand of fate.

Now years later when Cooper covers the devastating things like the tsunami in Sri Lanka and massive killings during the war in Iraq, he feels quite heart broken. The miseries which the author has seen in these places has made him feel sad and he thinks that the sadness which he has been trying to hide for many years is finally taking over.

The problems of the people who are suffering from a calamity or the curse of war, are undefinable. Anderson finally reveals his inner sadness too in front of the audience and brings to light the part of life which he has kept hidden from the world for so long. It was because of those inner feelings that the author has been drawn to such situations all his life. During the conversation in The Rainbow Comes and Goes the mother and son also talked about the same things but that books was more personal. Here the author talks about his professional life as well along with the personal life.

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