Doctor Who-The Good Doctor

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Science fiction with a sense of adventure in it is always a treat to listen if it is written by an expert writer like Juno Dawson who has used all skill and talent for the development of this part of the doctor who series and have continued the thrill that has been introduced in the books BF – Torchwood – 3.2 – The Dollhouse – Juno Dawson and BF – Torchwood – 5.1 – Aliens Among Us Part 1 – James Goss, Juno Dawson, AK Benedict.

The story starts with a simple description of the Lobos planet that is in war because the natives of the planet called Loba fail to establish a bond between them and the human race that wanted to establish a colony on their planet. The doctor approaches right in time to stop the war and settle the dispute between the two groups and after the completion her job as she was about to go back something changes all of a sudden that changes the whole story along with the whole situation of the Loba.

The Tardis crew was about to depart when Ryan again leaves his phone behind by mistake but a simple incident make them suffer huge consequences as they come to know that Tardis went hundreds of years in the future and the future that they see horrifies them so much that they decide to undo the past by going to it again. In the future the doctor sees the Loba treated as slaves on their own planet and not by anyone else but the humans whom they gave any easy passage in order to establish a colony and all of this was done by the help of the doctor.

Another thing that the doctor observes is that the people worship a godlike figure which they named as the good doctor and the figure looks quite familiar to her as well. Clare Corbett has done fabulous job in the narration department and has provided the much needed energy to the whole drama.        



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