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Author Terry Pratchett and narrator Stephen Briggs look so good together on the cover of a book because the two have attracted a number of fans in the past three decades. Dodgers don’t exist in the decent society most of the time because of their less sophisticated behavior. But surely cunning people like the dodgers could prove handy at the time of need when people around you are rather indecent.

Same thing happens with a girl who gets caught by mysterious people and when on the stormy night she escapes the vehicle her fate makes her collide with the boy who is a dodger. Any simple average sort of a boy could have run away from the spot but not this boy, he possesses a hundred tricks under his sleeves to deceive the enemy.

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From just a single glimpse he knows that the girl could be helpful for him in the future if he saves her now. After this incident his life changes in big way and he even meets people like Charles Dickens and Benjamin Disraeli during his stay in the educated society. Sense of adventure lifted The Long War and The Long Mars, this fascinating little tale has adventure as its second name.

Story begins with an adventure and ends with the conclusion of the adventure. End was always on the cards and there was no secret about the story but the description of the scenes especially England in the Dickens’ era is appealing. Briggs also uses the pure British accent for Dickens and Benjamin and separates the way of talk of the dodger from them to create the right picture in our mind.


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