Dogs of War

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Dogs of War is part 9 of the Joe Ledger series with amazing twists and turns, which would definitely mesmerize the listeners. The author of this book is Jonathan Maberry and he surely has carried the momentum well from where his finished in the prequel of this book. Narration of the book is given once again by Ray Porter in his dynamic and soulful voice.

Robots are no more considered as science fiction. They are autonomous and actually computer programmed in order to act relentlessly, fast and deadly like animals. Technology is here with everything from the nanobots (microscopic type) to the huge self-guided fighter jets. Such a technology is dangerous, assessible and highly threatening to the existence of mankind.

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A freelance terrorist employs the novice robot dogs’ generation for the sake of delivering the WMDs in different cities all across the United States. Then there were those sophisticated and advance military weapons, which would turn on their human operators. A high-tech apocalypse is anticipated and we might be too late to stop that in time.

Joe Ledger along with a novice and reorganized Department of Military Science sets up against the posed new terrorist threats. The techno terrorists looks too lethal and threatening and they are well on their mission, which might cause global destruction. A big fight is coming up and things weren’t looking that good initially for Joe ledger and his team initially. Will he be the winner to save people from brutal killing?

Rage: A Joe Ledger and Rogue Team International Novel and the Deep Silence novels are also authored by Jonathan Maberry in his epic writing style. Both mystery thrillers have earned great appreciation, both among the critics and the fans of the author.



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