Don’t Let Go

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Harlan Coben is the best when it comes to producing novels on domestic suspense. This is exactly what you will see in Don’t Let Go novel by the author. It is a mystery thriller with immaculate suspense that will surprise you for long. The narration of the novel is given by Steven Weber in the most soulful tone ever.

The author here is doing every bit to explore everything from little lies to big secrets, which can eventually ruin a relationship. The risk is well beyond this and could possibly destroy a family and a town even, which you witness in this amazing new thriller.

Napoleon Dumas, a suburban detective from New Jersey is not the same anymore, especially since his last year of senior school. This was the time when his twin brother along with his girlfriend were brutally murdered over the railway tracks. Maura, the love interest of Napoleon broke up with him and vanished without giving any explanation.

For more than 15 years, Napoleon was in search of both his girlfriend Maura and the exact reason behind the assassination of his brother and his girlfriend. It seems now that the thing Napoleon was looking for is finally coming close to him and he is about to know the secrets or at least some clues in the right direction.

Napoleon set off on a journey to find answers to the questions surrounding the mystery, especially after the fingerprints of Maura found in the rented car pointed her to be a suspected killer. Things were getting more complex and it was getting hard for Napoleon to untangle the mystery.

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