Don’t Panic

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Neil Gaiman wrote this book long ago during the initial stage of his career and since then the new or latest editions have just kept coming. No drastic change has ever been made in the book and it is present in the original form in which it was first created in the year 1986. Neil Gaiman narrates it along with Simon Jones in good coordination.

Together the two start the book like a discussion and then the ideas just keep on coming one after the other. If you are a little boy or girl who still goes to school the book will surely look tough to understand so keep it in the cupboard for some years after which you would be able to digest it. Norse Mythology and The Sandman had the same issue but this is the way the author presents things i.e in complex form. This guide to the galaxy is full of ideas and descriptions of things from a different angle.

The author uses his thoughts to introduce things in the book and the thoughts are not only captivating but they are also convincing and admirable for everyone. Proper motives can be found behind every thought that is described on various pages and the flow is not random rather it is systematically planned. As a first book, Neil did a splendid job in the material section and also in the arrangement of that material. Thoughts are there but not much philosophical messages are involved, the author perhaps never wanted to make his book look boring for the fans. One can also find this book in different forms on media these days and every version is appealing as ever.

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