Don’t Tell a Soul

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The story began with action as Detective Jenna Alton had to find out the mystery behind a recent murder of a stranger in the small town of Black Rock Falls. Jenna later connected the murder with past murder cases that have long been forgotten. Then she realizes her life is also in danger as she comes close to connecting the dots that link the murder cases together.  Jenna is no longer investigating a murder case but also trying to keep her life out of danger.

The book takes a similar plot setting as the previous books of  D. K. Hood such as Bring Me Flowers and  Whisper in the Night.

If you are looking for an addictive crime scene investigative thriller, this book is one of the best shots you have.   The plot is an interesting one as well as character development. Each character was effectively represented to reflect the role they are playing.  However, the narration was a bit off compared to the rich storyline.

The law enforcement department in the book is well represented as in the real world. Nothing seems out of the ordinary or like a fiction tale. Everything seems real, which is why it’s very easy for the audience to completely engross themselves in the book.

If D. K. Hood was trying to make a statement of intent in this book, he has surely made it sound and clear.  The book is filled with action and suspense from the beginning to the end. At a point, the reader may not know what is coming up in the next minute. You will not see any major action coming up until it’s right upon you. That’s how this book has succeeded in gripping the hearts of the audience.

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