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The novels from Brian Jacques are quite intriguing. They always have a good intriguing story which is full of exciting characters. You love his novels for fierce battles, companionship and sometimes great humor as well. On top of that, the twisting plot in his novels gives another great reason to entrust his as your go to author.

Doomwyte is no lesser a novel in these regards. It is chapter 19th of the Redwall novel series and one of the finest works of Brian Jacques. It is an action and adventure filled book for children and this is what the author is mainly known for. If you are looking for more interesting novels from the author then do try out Mattimeo and Mossflower in their audio version.

The narration of this novel is led by Brian Jacques, the author himself. He was supported by a team to play different characters. Such kind of a diverse narration team dedicated for different characters makes the entire audiobook experience quite interesting.

Two rats on a moonless night followed a hypnotic light in the forest and they were never seen again. Such is the power associated with Doomwytes, led by the deadly Korvus Skurr. The time when Bisky, the young mouse induces different creatures of the Redwall Abbey to search for the fabled treasure then they didn’t doubt Skurr at all. His all ravens would by vying for the treasure.

It was highly required of Bisky and his Redwaller mates to gather all the courage in order to fight the evil. It was a tough ask which they had to tackle.

It is an ideal beach book to be enjoyed in your summer holidays.




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