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A Dracula tale is retold by Dacre Stoker, J.D. Barker but this time they have created a story that clarifies the true origin of the vampire nation and the first emergence of the prince of darkness i.e Dracula. The year is again 1868 which most of the writers have used in their writings where they have described the origin of the Dracula, but this story doesn’t start with the vampires all of a sudden it describes a woman that join the whole pieces of the puzzle.

Bram Stoker, the main character in the tale is found in a tower at the start of the story with all the weapons possible to fight against the evil vampire race. He has crucifixes, rifles, and some holy water which he thinks is not ample for the uphill task that is given to him by force as he was reluctant to participate in the whole adventure. The story from this point again goes back to Bram’s past when he starts thinking about the events that led him to such a painful situation. He also tells us that what were the reasons because of which he was selected for the job and no one else.

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Bram and his sister had a caretaker once when their parents died her name was Ellen Crone who after being associated with a series of unusual happenings disappeared from their lives all of sudden and they thought that it was over but she returns dramatically back in their lives with bloodthirsty eyes. There are more than one narrator Pete Bradbury, Vikas Adam, Various which is a good thing because this makes it easy for the listener to distinguish between characters when more than one is talking.

In addition to this one, people also have suggested listening to the books like  Angelica – Arthur Phillips, Prince of Nightmares – John McNee and The Traveling Vampire Show – Richard Laymon.


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