Dragon Seed

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Dragon Seed is well-written Sci-Fi and fantasy novel. The book has exceptional character development, and it starts getting interesting from the beginning through to the end. The author Osiris Baldwin, who also wrote Trial by Fire: A LitRPG Dragonrider Adventure, presented the characters in the right manner. Although each character played a different and unique role, he was able to intertwine their roles for the theme of the novel.  And narrators Laurie Catherine,  Jeff Hays, and Justin James made the audiobook even more interesting. The audiobook may not have had the right diction if it were narrated by a single person. But as the narrators took different characters for diction, it made everything flow perfectly.

The role of each character was properly matched with the right voice and diction. And that’s what made the book even more interesting.

The book’s main protagonist, Hector Park, was called up to fight in the Total War. Before then, he was living a normal life with the general problems confronting every family. Now, Park has been infected with a deadly virus, and he has only three days to live.  Another miserable thing is how slow and painful his death will come.

Mr. Park leaves quarantine in search of his brother, who recently contacted him after many years.  Fortunately, his brother could be the only one to help him try and find a way to survive the disease. He has an offer that could help Park’s desperate need for a cure. He oversees a video game program that will enable Park to download his brain to save his consciousness. It could be the only way Mr. Park has to cheat death.



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