Dragonfly in Amber

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The series outlander has created a massive impact on its readers. Those who have listened to the stories of this marvelous saga in the voice of Davina Porter admire what they love.

Davina Porter excellently portrays all characters in a way that you can really understand their personality, feelings and emotions and how they continue to interact within the story.Diana Gabaldon is the NY times best selling famous Author of the best novels. Most of the novel readers love the stories from the author.

This is book 2 in this series and you can easily find connections and mysteries connected to the characters within the two stories.The story is written in a very smooth and beautiful way that takes you imagine the past in a way seem slike happening in front of your eyes.

It’s no doubt a compelling, unforgettable story that touches the heart and the world of imagination to keep you indulged in the story till its end.

There is no doubt that the sequel wins the attention of those who have listened to the first part before. In addition to that, the new stories attract new novel lovers who know the author and the skills that make each story a masterpiece.

The story is about the 18th century Scotland, Clair comes with the memories of war and conquests that she had seen alongside her warrior husband.

Now that she returns after years with her daughter, she will be revealing a number of time traveling ventures that she was hiding from her daughter.

The historical adventures are explained in a very interesting and compelling way so that people who listen to this novel will be absorbed completely like if they are living in the past and experiencing the story on their own.

Claire will try to unfold a few truths but these may take them to a completely new turning point they never have imagined.



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