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Dragonwatch is a novel written by Brandon Mull. It is the opening chapter of a brand new series by the author under the title of Dragonwatch Series. It is a book and novel for younger listeners, which has a great story to amuse them. Brandon Mull has done considerable work for the youth and a few of his notable novels are Master of the Phantom Isle and Fablehaven, Book 1.

Drgaonwatch audiobook is quite sensation. This is all thanks to Kirby Heyborne for the fabulous performance playing the characters effortlessly.

Dragonwatch is a long awaited sequel of the Fablehaven novel series, which was also a successful saga. Since then, the dragons have been kept at the sanctuaries of dragons, which doesn’t consider them safe havens at all and they just want freedom from the prison. The dragons are not our friends, not anymore.

In the hidden Wyrmroost sanctuary of dragons, the King of Dragons, Celebrant plans his revenge. He has seen the sanctuaries as prisons for long and he desire for nothing more than actually to overthrow his captors and then return back the world to the Age of Dragons. When he ruled and reigned the territory without having any borders, all this was what that happened and there was more to come. Now, the time has come for them to break free, get freedom and eventually claim his power.

There was nobody powerful enough to restrict Celebrant and also his dragon horde. It will get the ancient order associated with the Dragonwatch in order to gather again only. This is only possible if there is little chance of saving the world from possible destruction.

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