Drawl: Duncan’s Story

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Alongside Cade there has always been Duncan who has kept the Eden compound safe, together these two have kept their troops alive in crucial circumstances. Shawn Chesser has told the audience a lot about Cade and his family or we can say that it has always been about his family. Since Trudge and Soldier On we have seen that Cade is trying to reach and protect his family but not much has been said about Duncan. The author devotes this whole part to Duncan and provides the fans with a detailed background of the man.

Being more than sixty years of age the man could easily be thought useless but actually, he is not. He has proved his utility for the army and the state for many decades in places like Vietnam. Never in his life, he has been outsourced like in the present situation but courage never leaves his heart. Passion to save as many lives as he can is still present in his mind. The book also provides info about the past missions in which Duncan has participated in his life and all of it is there to show that he is not an easy man for the enemies.

Someone who has not read the series before in the correct sequence cannot enjoy this book at all because the background is interesting for those who have an interest in the character. Adam Paul mixes the tones and pitches to make us distinguish between the past and the present. The story does not move to the next level here but a strong background is laid by the author which will help things in the future.



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