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Dreadgod is the 11th chapter Cradle novel series. The book is written by Will Wight. He is an excellent author of fantasy literature from the USA. Cradle series is his independently published series and also his best-known work. If we talk about his novels then the Crimson Vault is one of his better titles. Apart from this, his Unsouled novel also did quite well for the writer and his followers.

Travis Baldree narrated this book and it was done incredibly well. You will enjoy this performance with no major or even minor complaints at all.

The battle going on in the heavens left a definite target on the back of Lindon. His most trustworthy ally was gone for good. He was seen as a big threat by the Monarchs. And, he inherited the most valuable facilities ever in the world. His enemies at any given moment could just come together and kill him. If it weren’t by any means for the Dreadgods.

All the four were unleashed and empowered and they were rampaging right through the Cradle. Both old and new grudges at that time should just be set aside. The Monarchs on the other needed to have every capable fighter for helping them to defend their territory.

Lindon was in dire need of more time. He deployed his friends off to train, while he fights. They needed to progress fast if they were interested in joining him in the war against the queens and kings of Cradle.

Dreadgod is a fantastic book and its story will engulf you. From beginning to end, this book will be pure entertainment for the listeners. Apart from Will Wight, the author, a good share of credit for the success of this audiobook goes to its narrator, Travis Baldree.

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