Driven-Driven Series, Book 1

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Bromberg has painted this series especially for the adults so there is nothing in it for the children. A lot of words that are used in the novel are surely not advisable for the children; also the book has detailed sex tempting scenes.

Rylee after facing terrible experiences in her love life decided to live the rest of her life in an isolated mode. Colton Donavan does not believe on these kinds of restrictions and enters Rylee’s life without bothering to knock. The more she resists the more Colton takes her as a challenge for himself. His presence tempts the lady to the core but she tries to keep herself in the boundaries that she has drawn for herself.

As he comes closer and closer Rylee feels that she is finally slipping into the web and just cannot resist the man who looks so handsome that you don’t want to blink an eye in his presence. He not only exposes her weaknesses but brings out her true nature to the scene that she has been hiding for years now. It does not take a while before a sex relation is established between the two and it is then the girl starts to look into the dark side of the appealing devil.

Colton has deep buried secrets and his new mistress too has secrets of her own that she protects. Awesome start of the first book, Fueled and Crashed would surely set the stage on fire after this one. Tempting at every step the novel takes us into the dark world of love and lust. At this point lust takes over and true love looks a little lacking. Tatiana Sokolov in narration also depicts that wild lust that makes the two come closer to each other in a quick succession.



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    Aced-Driven Series


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