Drop Shot

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Drop Shot is full of mystery and thrill, which will excite listeners through the length of this book. The novel is written by Harlan Coben, who masterfully excels in mystery thriller genre. Listeners would surely cherish the best and the most expressive narration given by Jonathan Marosz in his powerful tone.

Myron Bolitar has great love and admiration for the game of tennis. Two of the young guns in the game were represented by him. One of his female player gets brutally murdered in broad daylight. It was during the U.S. Open grand slam and the worst thing was that, his male tennis player was the prime suspect of the murder. This put Myron against a whole new match, which he definitely has to win at any cost.

He doesn’t want to lose his other player and was trying every bit to save him, especially if he is innocent. His investigation begins and that took him to an old murder case of a crooked senator, a mob, a jealous mother and someone, who is trying hard to close down his search for good. But, he was more determined than the obstacles, which were coming in his way. However, the journey to find the truth was never easy.

If you are looking for more mystery novels from Harlan Coben then Missing You and Don’t Let Go are the ones to entrust. You will love them for their unique plot and amazingly strong characterization. Both are mystery thrillers, which actually is expected from author, Harlan Coben and he truly excels in this genre. Narration also plays a pivotal role for the success of these books, where they stand today.






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