Drowning with Others

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During school life or in college, the students do fall in love and there are crushes too but it is very rare that those relations convert into anything permanent. For Ian and Andi, this thing became a reality when they married after completing high school. Right from the day the two entered the school for the first time, they had remained in a special bond. When they married, everyone was so happy to see that their relationship was permanent finally. There were also other things that were ample to make the people present around Ian and Andi jealous of their lifestyle.

The two established a very good business together and then they got blessed with a beautiful baby girl. Also, the house which the couple owned was the best and the biggest in the locality. Cassidy i.e the daughter of the power couple also started adding more to the family name as she was a bright girl herself. She went to the same high school as well and there on one occasion, an old car was found in the pool which belonged to a writer who disappeared almost twenty years ago from the same locality.

In the car, there were remains of that person too which means that someone had intentionally thrown the dead body and the car in the pool. Cassidy starts investigating the case along with her friends and soon finds out some peculiar secrets about her family. Linda Keir goes a long way in the story before bringing the truth to the surface.

The author adopted the same trick in The Three Mrs. Wrights and The Swing of Things. The truth remains hidden almost to the climax and when it comes to the surface everything goes upside down. Christopher Lane, Lauren Ezzo, and Emily Sutton-Smith have narrated three separate characters here and the job has been done to perfection.

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    The Three Mrs. Wrights

    The Swing of Things


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