Dungeon Crawler Carl

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Dungeon Crawler Carl: A LitRPG/Gamelit Adventure

People of the earth were living a placid life when the catastrophe hit them with full strength. The building that were considered as the symbol of pride for the human world are dashed to the ground within seconds and it seems that something has started eating everything. Soon after the destruction, a dungeon appears that is a kind of labyrinth, full of traps and monsters too. Anyone who enters this game type world can achieve anything but the problem is that no one comes out of it alive.

So whatever you achieve would not be able to save you unless you get a level up on the right time. Every level has a time limit and if the player does not find a staircase in that given time then his life would come to an end very quickly. Moreover the player has to kill the enemy in an entertaining way which could attract more and more audience towards the game. As the audience increases, the chances for survival also increase because the fans from different worlds provide the players with loot boxes which increase their chances of survival.

Carl has also been thrown in the dungeon crawl and for him it does not look like a game rather it is a battle for survival till the end. Matt Dinniman’s masterpiece is narrated by Jeff Hays on this occasion and this has been another cause of attraction for the audience.

The Gate of the Feral Gods and Carl’s Doomsday Scenario are with themes which will enhance the passion of any listener towards the fantasy tales. Thus keep on adding these books to your personal library and you will never get tired.

Dungeon Crawler Carl Dungeon Crawler Carl

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