Dungeon Desolation

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The war goes on even in this part as well and we for the first time see a flying dungeon as well. The dungeon was made for the protection of the people but in never fulfilled the purpose up to the maximum.

However, later it is used as a war machine against the enemies. Dakota Krout presents several new things in this part of the series which separates it from the previous books like Dungeon Born and Dungeon Madness to some extent.

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The plot and the storyline still are the same and so are the main characters. The characters like Auras emerge to the scene as well as the get the superhuman strength and become a threat for all. All the sentient are without a leader as their leaders are killed almost all of them and they move in scattered groups in search of a leader that could save them.

Dale too right from the start of the previous chapter looks powerless and he never got over the evils that surround his mind. Though Dale tries to infuse his will in his physical body but does not appear to be successful apparently. He struggles to get the job done like Cal and both wait for a defeat that they never expected.

A wonderful turning point in the war comes to our ears in the strong voice of Vikas Adams who uses an extra pitch this time. The narrator has surely stretched his vocal cords this time to inculcate strength in the scenes of war. Even in the monologues, the characters use a stern voice which shows the seriousness of the situation.




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    Dungeon Calamity



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