Dungeon Lord

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Battle between the Light and the Dark side restarts and makes Edward Wright’s life a living hell. Both of the sides want Wright to work for them and for this they are ready to present him with the gifts of power. However there is a tiny problem that serving one makes him the enemy of the other side and he cannot afford enmity from either side. Moreover the man is willing to serve no one and is ready to stand whatever is right according to him. He is the Dungeon Lord and has decided to rise in power whether he had to go against the gods. One thing is clear that no one will show mercy towards him even for another day after that but the man is ready.

Whether it is the Dark god Murmur or the Cold gods the fight is on and the Dungeon Lord rises against all sides for what he thinks is right. Ivalis finally sees a true champion in the form of Edward who can change the whole landscape but there is a threat that he and his followers might get killed in the process. Written beautifully by Hugo Huesca it is a nice fictional stuff with wars and thrill glued between the love scenes that are awesomely described. Jeff Hays and Annie Ellicott narrate the fantasy and the breathtaking scenes of war with full force and the cooperation between the two narrators is just picture perfect.

Whoever listens to this first part cannot resist the temptation of the other parts like Dungeon Lord: Otherworldly Powers and Dungeon Lord: Abominable Creatures  as the struggle is in a sequence. The battles are epic and heroes and villains both show a magnificent zeal to rise to the occasions.

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    Otherworldly Powers


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