Dust World

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The world of mercenaries established by B.V. Larson takes us on a tour where we observe different war zones in different parts of the galaxy. The wars have grown bigger and perhaps no one is now able to control the growing rage that would sooner or later engulf the whole universe. Those who want to continue living an independent or free life are forced to join groups because if you are not taking side it means that you are soon going to lose everything. The mother earth also faces such a situation in Clone World and Steel World where it finally takes side.

The freedom of the decision making is compromised but still there is one thing that can make the human beings dictate terms in various things. Though supreme in many aspects the aliens cannot fight because they are too sophisticated for stuff like that and they need mankind for their dirty game.

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The current part talks about a colonization which was an illegal thing in the rules of the galaxy and the earth wants to convey these orders to the core but there is one problem the distance of 35 light years.

The span of the tale thus grows bigger and bigger with every new part and the true figure of McGill emerge as he proves himself ready for the thing he is created. The narration has been playing a key role in the series since the beginning and Mark Boyett has proved himself one of the basic ingredients of the series. The narrator too has made himself a source of attraction for the fans who have started liking him more than anything.




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