Earth Alone

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Almost all the science fictions harp on the same tone that there is an alien race in outer space that is preparing to invade us. This one again if compared with the rest of the lost is no different in the foundation but Daniel Arenson has given it an alluring flavor of words and the captivating and enchanting voice of Jeffrey Kafer.

The series starts with the invasion that takes almost eighty percent of the world’s population along with it. Fortunately some of them survived and now they seek revenge from the aliens for which they have been planning for the last fifty years. Marco Emery is among several of those humans who never saw peace on the mother planet because they were born during the war.

After the death of his mother Emery had no other passion rather than to join the army and avenge the death of his mother and millions other who got killed in the war for the last fifty years. After a hard training session for months the boy is ready to join the battle against the accursed enemies who are still apparently winning in all departments.

Human zeal has not perished the more they are pressed the more enthusiastic they have become to rise. The base is set for Earth Lost and Earth Rising to display their brilliance in the completion of this trilogy that has an admirable start in all the portions. Most of the things in the story are in routine pattern like the start and also we know that in the end we will see a big war but the rising of the humans from the ashes is a treat to listen.

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    1. This is a pretty decent series. The story is very familiar with fairly recognizable influences. There are quite a few basic character/plot stereotypes and such, so I doubt you will go away thinking this is a truly innovative work, but, the characters are personable and the narrator does a great job. So whether you’re kicking back and relaxing or busy training alley cats to run in the Iditarod you should find yourself entertained.


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