Earth Honor

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Mother earth burns along with the species that live on it, the flying saucers have finally landed and the aliens have launched their final campaign. The end is near; soldiers like Marco Emery, Addy and Ben have fought hard and this is not the first time they are in this situation. They have defeated the scum and destroyed their planet too in the first half of the series. It is obvious that the heroes need a chance to rise again but Daniel Arenson is extending the tension to provide the series a new height.

The earthly beings worship their heroes as demigods and ready to rally around them when asked but they are not making that call. For Marco and his team another suicidal mission awaits like the one they performed in Earth Rising. Perhaps they will not return back this time but they have no fear related to their lives. The issue that teases them is that whether their lives would be enough for the safety of earth. The man with the golden voice Jeffrey Kafer is carrying on with the task of narrating this rather longish space adventure.

Now there is a voice in us that tells us that the series is in the conclusion phase. If extended much further in the same way it would lose its impact on the listeners that plot would also dwindle after that. People want some new innovation in the story line wars are something that have started to make them tired because they are not leading toward an end or conclusion. Everything is not dull but it should jump to the next level.

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