Echoes of a Gloried Past

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Safanarion Order was an amazing discovery made by Aaron after the death of his grandfather when he got the letter. The letter brought a disaster in his life as well because not only he came to know about his powers but he was also confronted by the deadly enemies too. He never expected that a world of dragons ever existed and that too with advanced scientific equipments but he knows and is a part of all that. Now he is the protector of his world and also of his love.

There are enemies that want his powers for their own evil purposes but he is ready now, the only thing he still fears is Drake. He was able to survive the previous deadly attacks of the Drake, a technology that was created by the Lord of Shandara.

Still the warrior is not worried about himself rather he is worried about Sarah who has been kidnapped by the enemy that wants his powers. Ken Lozito told about Aaron in detail in Road to Shandara and we know that the boy is not the type who would back away from a challenge.

His allies ask him to leave the hope of saving Sarah but he is still not willing to do such a thing. The people of the land are also under threat of a deadly technology and the decision is needed that whether he would save his love or the people of the land are the first priority.

Vikas Adam’s narration march on without any pause in this adventure tale, there is not much of variation in the voice of the different characters but still narration is clear and accurate.

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