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Man is just a puppet in the hands of nature is truly described in this book by David Gemmell. Even when you are aware of the upcoming natural calamity that is going to pounce on you there is nothing that can be done. The human race can just count the number of days that are left for them and they are never with ant tool to fight against the natural calamities.

Floods, earth quacks, and storms are such kind of evil that lay waste all the works of humans. The story like old folk tales or the stories of Sophocles starts with a prophecy. The prophecy is nicely told as the worlds are full of wisdom and have hidden meanings that can only be understood after careful analysis. The prophecy itself has given the book an ancient touch.
The tragedy in the story is also quite clear that even when you are able to comprehend the prophecy you cannot stop it from happening. The appearance of the two moons on the sky also shows a change in the natural working of the solar system. The book in a very terrifying way shows that how such calamities can take us back to the Stone Age with just a single jolt. All our progress can suddenly disappear and we are left homeless waiting for the time when everything is over.

Charles Armstrong has done the job of narration wonderfully well as he was given the job to use the tone that could convey the effect of a brutal flood that wipes out all that mankind had and leaves them with nothing not even the hope of survival.
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