Eight Perfect Murders

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The Eight Perfect Murders is a perfect novel written by Peter Swanson. He is an accomplished writer with many quality novels to his credit. The subject novel is a crime mystery thriller, which is the prime genre of the author. You will love it for the immense level of suspense that this novel has got to offer. For the narration side, Graham Halstead has done it with his very emotional and powerful voice.

Mystery aficionado and bookseller, Malcolm Kershaw many years ago compiled a great list of the top most unsolvable mystery murders. The target cases were those, which were virtually impossible to crack and he titled that as the “Eight Perfect Murders”. The collection is really amazing and promising to keep you entertained throughout its narration.

No one here is more surprised the owner of the Boston’s Old Devils bookstore. A FBI agent came there on a very cold snowy day in the month of February.

Her name was Mal and she was looking for some information about a series of unsolved mystery murders, which looked immensely similar to the old list of Mal.

Then the FBI agent was the only person interested in this bookseller. There was also a killer just around them and was keeping an eye on every move.

The author Peter Swanson is known for producing brilliant mystery thrillers, which are quite engaging and interesting. It is never a bad idea to explore more from the archives of the author. Before She Knew Him and Her Every Year are top quality novels from the author.

Both are crime mystery thrillers and helped in making author the best-selling one in New York Times.

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