Eldest Audiobook: The Inheritance Cycle, Book 2

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Eldest : The Inheritance Cycle, Book 2

The beginning of the story is set in the middle of a war Belatona where Saphira gets almost killed by the Dauthdaert Niemen, which is a spear that originated from Du Fyrn Skulblaka, crafted as a weapon against dragons that could kill them. Eragon and Arya set out to find Lord Bradburn to contain him; and reigning over the city. As a result, werecats offer them assistance which they did not refuse. When night came, Elaine gives birth and names the baby Hope, who has a cleft lip, and Eragon starts singing through the night to heal it.

Eldest: The Inheritance Cycle By Christopher Paolini

Roran gets sent to Aroughs, and is spared from the 2 wars that are coming. He is able to come up with a plan to enter the city and the keep. While he is executing his plan, his friend Carn who is a magician gets killed. Roran chooses the city before rejoining the Varden at Dras-Leona where a plan is made to take on the city.

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Jeod gathers references to lead him to an unfinished sewer system beneath the city and Eragon becomes a leader to a group in entering the city so the Varden gates are opened. After the soldiers discover them, Wyrden falls into a trap and gets killed. Eragen and Arya get captured by the Helgrind priests to be consumed by their Ra’zac eggs. They get rescued by Angela and Solembum, while Angela reveals that she has the sharpest blade that ever existed. Albitr kills most of the priests.

Murtagh and Thorn are defeated by Eragon by using the energy contained in the ring, and Aren and Varden control the city. The Varden camp gets attacked by Murtagh and Thorn, taking Nasuada with them to be held as their prisoner, which was almost insignificant. While Nasuada is gone, Eragon gets appointed to be the leader of Varden while they make their way to Urubaen.


Eragon is a great story of adventure, friendship, and trust that you should continue to read about because you will learn a lot. This audiobook will allow you to listen to the story from anywhere.

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