Eleven on Top

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In Stephanie’s case, thrilling action just never ends rather it keeps on getting better all the time for the fans. The girl was tired of her life and job in One for the Money: International Edition so she became the bounty hunter she is today. After many years of hard work and deadly missions, she is again tired of this job too. This time she does not want something new, she wants something safe and without a threat of a bullet in the head. Many narrow escapes in parts such as Ten Big Ones have made her scared. Her personal life has become a mess because she has more than one man in her life and does not whom to chose. Family problems are another headache that she carries along with her wherever she goes along with an accidental car.

Through accidents and destroyed cars, Janet Evanovich depicts the mental state of the girl which is just going out of her hands. But she has a solution in her hands now i.e she is moving away from this life and is quieting the profession. Troubles in her life just don’t let her move on the path of mental peace. These troubles pull her back into the bounty hunter game and she is not going out easily from this job. Stephanie instead of leaving the job starts thinking about her survival first because the rest of the things are secondary in status. If she gets out of all this alive then she would think of something else in life and if she dies she wants to die like a hero.

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    Ten Big Ones

    Twelve Sharp


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