Embers-Dark in You

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Suzanne Wright throws another part of her famous masterpiece with the two lovers back in action for another adventure. Harper and Knox are aware of the dangers that are present around their dream world but they are also aware of their true capabilities. The dark demons that were kept inside their bodies are finally tamed and both of them have full control over their powers.

Knox’s love for Harper has increased to a point where it can be compared with madness; Harper also does not feel shy now in describing her true emotions to her archer. Harper was reserved girl but that was in Burn and Blaze she is not that creature anymore. It’s down to the final Horseman and do or die situation has approached for both sides.

Knox and Harper have an extra edge in the form of their newly born son Archer. Being the son of the Primes the boy is not an ordinary creature, he has powers that have no match in the devil world. But the Primes still don’t launch the attack at once because they want to investigate about their enemies first.

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Among their friends there are present some foes that can stab them in the back at the time of war. So first the family wants to root them out after which they can confront the final Horseman. Narrator Cat Doucette ends the finale well in the fan’s favorite style. It was Cat’s voice that made an ever lasting impression of Knox’s love on the mind of the fans; the narrator always had the exact idea about the rise and fall of tone too.



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    Ashes-Dark in You



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