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The novel has always been on the hit list since it was first written by Jane Austen but never have anyone experimented with it with so many narrators. There are six narrators that are used in this version Emma Thompson, Isabella Inchbald, Joseph Millson, Joanne Froggatt, Aisling Loftus and Morgana Robinson narrate the story in a musical way. The use of sounds and the background music playing behind scenes make it a novel of the present era as we relive through this dramatic tale once again.

There are a few changes as well that were perhaps needed to adjust the novel to this modernization. Emma one of the most spoiled female characters Jane Austen ever produced still attract her by her ways and manners. Emma represents the category that thinks high of them and thinks that they can lead the way in all circumstances.

Emma though at the start is presented as a lady who thinks that she should never marry but at the same time she thinks that she an excellent matchmaker. She provides an example of her matchmaking in the form of her governess and a widower named Weston.

So we cannot conclude that whether she is mean or a true helper that is solving the problems present in the life of the common people. She is always moving from one match to the other but ironically never finds one for herself. The matchmaking thing reminds us of Pride and Prejudice also the sense of imperialism is there as well but the main character never shows any concern about her won marriage.

On the other hand in Pride and Prejudice all the sisters were worried about their own marriage not showing any concern for their sisters.

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