Empire of Dirt

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Prophecy about the fate of the human race a thousand years ago was forgotten by most of the people living in different parts of the region. The elves that were once the true rulers of the land known as the Illian disappeared from the scene thousand years ago. No one knows the reason know until the day they return to reclaim their birth right. Elves emerge from all sides at once and pounce on the human race that is not united at all.

Instead of forming an alliance the six human states have been busy in fighting against one another for the entire millennia. Even the dark elf is now free all of a sudden and there is also a speculation that the gods too will return to the battle ground. The prophecy that was talked about in Rise of the Ranger is finally fulfilling and it is not good news for the human world. Philip C. Quaintrell adds the dragon kingdom in the second part, dragons were never the part of parcel in the first book and now it appears like a surprise.

Dragons can solve the issue between the humans and the elves if they want too and both of the parties try to reach them before the other. Asher is undecided in the war and it is his intervention that will set the course in Relic of the Gods the finale of the trilogy. The narration gets no criticism from any side because Steven Brand is the undoubtedly one of the skilled ones in fiction. The eyes are set on the last round and there are many things that are yet to be decided like the role of dragons and Asher in the war.

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    Rise of the Ranger

    Relic of the Gods


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