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Enchanter is the 7th book from the Spellmonger Series authored by the veteran writer Terry Mancour. He is loved for his prior work and his books from the Spellmonger series have always been the most awaited ones. For Enchanter, the narration of the book is once again done by John Lee with his resourceful voice that everyone just adores.

Minalan faces some serious boredom in his castle, after being house arrest. The Alka Alon already have returned back to seclusion while dealing big time with their own set of crisis. The dead god is found quiet in Umbra and Minalan’s strategy in reestablishing a highly working and functional Duchy are all progressing quite well.

Minalan’s takes his punishment of house arrest positively and too it also as a unique opportunity for involving himself in the much needed thaumaturgical research.

Minalan utilized a good portion of his wealth and his stature to invite Arcane Knights of Nablus for staying in Sevendor during the winter period. The focus however remained on the most desiring progressive art of enchantment.

He formally setup a Bouleuterion, which was a conclave for all the enchanters who are dedicatedly working towards the research and subsequent production of magical items and all this was happening since the fall of Magocracy.

If you want to read or listen to more books by Terry Mancour, then you must check out his novels, Hawkmaiden and Spellmonger. Both the novels belongs to his highly popular Spellmonger series and you will be having a buffet of highest level of literary entertainment through these mentioned books.

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