End Game

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The final chapter of the Will Robie series starts with the breaking news i.e the Blue man is missing. In every dangerous mission America has relied on its two supreme weapons and these two have defended the country in every possible way risking their lives all the time. But Will Robie and Jessica Reel always had a man who used cover their backs all the time, protecting them and shielding their identities in different states and now he is gone.

The Blue man went for a vacation to Colorado and no one knows what happened to him after that. The agency sends Robie and Reel to search for the man who is vital for the two as well.

As they enter the small town of Grand for the search they come to know that the town as too many problems of its own as well. Lawlessness was on the rise, drugs and militants were ruling the place for decades. Now it’s up to the two to control the things as it was just the beginning the target is the whole of America in the days to come.

The two again like in The Guilty and The Hit get confused about their target as they fail to decide that whether they want the Blue man alive or safety of the state is something more important.

It’s once again an action packed chapter and a great finale of the series narrated by Kyf Brewer and Orlagh Cassidy who have narrated other parts of the series as well and surely have done justice with this part as well.  The plot is strong like always and the arrangement of the story is better as compared to the previous parts.


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