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Dan Simmons is back yet again with his epic novel, Endymion. It is part 3 of his very well received Hyperion series by the critics and his followers. This is a contemporary science fiction book that has some really amazing futurist drama and tale of the development of universe. The narration of this amazing novel is given by none other than Victor Bevine.

The Hyperion series from Dan Simmons was an immediate success when it was published in 1989. He tried depicting an overwhelming fable of the far future of the universe. He got multiple awards for his this attempt.

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Specially, the Endymion novel from the Hyperion series is regarded as the best amongst the other parts. Hyperion series went on to get one of the most prestigious awards, Hugo, where Endymion plays a significant role in such a staggering success.

The novel talks about the return of Dan Simmons to the richly imaginative world, which is full with great ides, inventions, technological advancement, wonders, excitement and fear.

The novel truly depicts an amazing story of some great memories and love, terror and triumph. Experiencing it with the best narration will actually make you feel that what exactly made this novel an instant contender for the highest honors in the field.

The phenomenal expertise of Dan Simmons can be felt well beyond this amazing novel. You can get more beautifully written novels by the same writer, where especially, The Rise of Endymion and The Fall of Hyperion are worth mentioning. Both these are contemporary science fiction novels, which is expected from Victor Bevine, as he truly excels with great command and superiority in this category.








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    The Fall of Hyperion

    The Rise of Endymion


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