Enemy of the State

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Vince Flynn is back again with his co-author, Kyle Mills to produce yet another sensational novel, Enemy of the Sate. As expected, this is again a political crime mystery thriller from Vince Flynn and the chapter is part 16 of the Mitch Rapp mystery novel series. This really had to be a very special novel, as Scott Brick this time makes his way for doing the narration of this book. He is a world class narrator and a voice-over artist, who has done exceptionally well with his expressive voice in order to make this audio novel a great success.

USA made one of the most daring and secretive deals in its entire history after the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the country. The evidence of the attack against the influential Saudis, who were behind the attack would get buried. King Faisal of Saudi Arabia in return promise to keep the oil coming and made a deal with the conspirators in the middle.

The time when the nephew of King Faisal himself was found funding the ISIS, the president of USA doubted that the Saudis would never look to fulfil the agreement. He made a decision that the royalty needs to be given a message and Rapp would be just the man to deliver that. USA cannot be seen going against their friend and Mitch Rapp would be there all on his own. He was literally forced to take the unpopular decision, which will change his complete life forever.

American Assassin and Separation of Power novels from Vince Flynn has done a great deal of good to the success story of Vince Flynn as an author and are worthy of listening.





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