Enforcing Home

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Enforcing Home is part 6 of The Survivalist Series by A. American. It is massive with some great depictions of special miserable situations of human sufferings, which will keep you spell bound and emotionally connected with the characters. This science fiction novel is narrated by none other than Duke Fontaine.

Morgan with all his strong character and resilience has managed to go through a lot of challenges and hurdles. After making back with his beloved wife and daughters and dealing with all those issues associated with the deceitful neighbors, he was there to deal with the federal government and their wicked activities. But, he along with his family were able to prevail, especially with the help of his close-knit group.

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Life for him and his family was shaping up into a very known and familiar routine. They were all set with the rebuilding of their community with special help and assistance given by the Army of United States.  But, just as Morgan Carter was thinking that things are getting back to normal, another weird and unpleasant surprise lands in front of him.

The challenge this time was very tough, far tougher than previous ones. But, with the help of Danny Thad and the crew, Morgan took the challenge and was determined to make a quite positive impact with this.

The Home Series or The Survivalist Series, as most people knows is a series, which is very hard to resist by the book lovers. The writing expertise of A. American were fully utilized in this novel. Same is the thing, which you will witness in Conflicted Home and Surviving Home novels of the series. They are epic and worth having your due attention.





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