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Death Becomes Us Audiobook

Pamela Skjolsvik brings out the greatest horror that lies in the back of our mind all the time and that is death. The new thing that the story discusses is that there is another horrible thing in this world and that is life itself, death, on the other hand, is …

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Free Falling Audiobook

Falling in love has been innovated in the story by S.E Jakes. The attraction that comes naturally to us and we fail to control or get hold of it most of the time. The story is about two thieves who share a feeling which they themselves cannot comprehend. They fail …

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Lessons in Tanya: Volume 2 Audiobook

Another volume of the Tanya is surely a brilliant work of Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi. The story is superb for those who want an entrance in the spiritual world in order to calm or soothe their minds. The book quite nicely describes the religious ways as the only way …

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The Vampire’s Bond 3 Audiobook

The book is the last and final chapter of the trilogy and thus concludes the whole much-awaited end of the vampire’s tale. The story is interesting for those who have read the previous two volumes of the series as it lacks the detail introduction of the characters. Thus understanding the …

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Sold to the Werewolf

Summer Cooper once again takes us to the land of werewolf where only he is allowed to play and mankind especially the girls are just puppets for the entertainment that follow his directions and fulfill his every command even if it causes them their own life. Jane a character with …

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