Carrie By Stephen King

Carrie Audiobook

Carrie By Stephen King  The impactful voice of Sissy Spacek and the creativity of Stephen King is what that makes this Carrie novel a huge success. If you are into the horror genre of stories,...
Skeleton Crew By Stephen King 

Skeleton Crew

Skeleton Crew By Stephen King  Skeleton Crew is another fabulous collection of 22 Sci-Fi stories that provide horror, fantasy, thrilling action and all that you need when hearing to the top stories and well-written Novella...
Finders Keepers: A Novel By Stephen King

Finders Keepers Audiobook: A Novel

Finders Keepers: A Novel By Stephen King  Finder keepers is a cat behind a mouse story where the finders and the keepers keep following to reach the baseline and gets to find another little-known secret...
Different Seasons By stephen king

Different Seasons Audiobook

Different Seasons By Stephen King Different Seasons gives you a complete refreshing experience of 4 different novellas. First one is the ‘Hope Springs Eternal’ which talks about the story of an innocent convict who plans...
Desperation By Stephen King

Desperation Audiobook

Desperation By Stephen King  The book is written by Stephen King and for the first time, the writer himself has also played the role of the narrator of the story. The story has a wonderful...