Entwined with You

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Sylvia Day, the author of Entwined with You and many other novels doesn’t leave any opportunity to impress her fans. Yet again, she is there as bold as ever with her contemporary romantic novel that sends great vibes all across those who cherish love and plenty of joyful moments. The book is part 3 of her Crossfire novel series.

Jill Redfield has done the narration of this book with the best emotion that was required for an erotic romantic novel like this one.

The wide-reaching portent continue to propel just as Gideon and Eva goes on to face the demons that are from their past. Just at the moment when I got introduced to Gideon, I soon realized and noticed something special in him, which I badly needed at that time. That was something I was not able to resist or compromise with. I was also able to see through his personality to find a damaged and a very dangerous soul inside him.

This was so much relatable to what I have been all my life. There were a lot of similarities between our past. I was completely drawn to it within no time. I needed him badly. I was desperate and I wanted my heart to beat, as many heartbeats were skipped when I saw and met Gideon for the first time. Nobody ever had an idea that how well he reciprocated to my approach and how much risks he took just for me.

Butterfly in frost and Reflected in You are two other contemporary romantic erotic novels by Sylvia Day, which speaks volumes about her ability and skills in literary work. If you are a fan of such romantic novels, then these two must be listened to, where Jill Redfield with her voice produces a great atmosphere to be enjoyed.



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