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After writing wonderful novels on fantasies and wonderlands Ryan DeBruyn starts this new series “Ether Collapse”. The real story of the novel starts with the information that Gaia has awakened. The more troublesome thing is that she does not appear to be in a good mood. The awakening of Gaia puts a question on the survival of mankind as things are about to change in a major way.

At the same time, Rockland Barkclay the passive layman in a dejected condition looks for a place to drink. He had a bad year and was surrounded by unlucky conditions throughout especially after the death of his father. In such situations all Rocky needed was a cool and calm annual trip that was not for enjoyment this time.

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Rocky wanted to disappear from the scene for some time. But as Rocky tries to run away from the world he faces the cosmic energy known as the Ether that has returned to the surface once again. The threats increase to such an extent that the poor lad forgets about his past miseries.

It’s so common with writer’s works that he develops a hero out of nowhere. So often we have seen in the books like Off to Be the Wizard and Spell or High Water that the hero never wanted to be a hero. It’s a battle for survival that forces him to perform the heroic tasks that otherwise would have been impossible for him.

Luke Daniels narrates in the same old slow pattern that he is famous for which goes well with the character of Rocky who himself is not presented as an energetic character.




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