Erak’s Ransom

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War that started in sixth part did much damage to both sides but now there is a truce between the two parties which proves to be good for both sides. Araluen and Skandians wanted to crush each other in the battlefield but then for the sake of their survival the two finally decided in favor of peace.

Still the peace treaty can be shattered by just a small violent act from any side and things will again reach the same level as we witnessed in The Sorcerer of the North and The Siege of Macindaw.

All this time Will has been an active participant saving his people on every occasion and on every front. A serious situation occurs again at this sensitive stage i.e the leader of Skandian is trapped in the fangs of the desert tribe. Thus another job for the Rangers appears on the scene that they must fulfill otherwise the things would end up in a more bad state. John Flanagan is making his main character rise in every part but so far the path that is given to Will is a tough one.

Here in the desert too he along with his fellow Rangers face terrible heat and the trickery of the desert tribe. None of the Rangers have bearded such circumstances before but giving up has never been there way.

John Keating again ends up another part with his awesome narration that has mingled well with the series. It is third straight part that Keating has narrated and voice of the narrator has not trembled even for once in all the three parts that he has narrated.





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