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Whenever the small town is need of a hero it is to Constable Evans they go to because he has proved himself to be the only committed person on the job in the whole town. Evans too has started to understand the psychology of the local people now as he has been living among them for years now.

Since the solution of the first case in the first book of the series Evans Above the constable has quite a repute in the town and the department. Even in the minor disputes the constable plays his role in solving the problems of the people outside the police station.

Thus he tries to save the people from a lot of fuss. This time however the situation goes too far and Evans starts thinking that the people of the town are far more sinister than he thinks. There are matters that can be solved outside the police station and then there are matters that have to be dealt with an iron fist. People of Llanfair always had a rivalry with the neighboring town Beddgelert but this time it goes to a different level when the fight for an archeological site starts.

The issues starts with certain gossips that Evans does not put an ear to but then things become deadly than ever. This is the side of the people he never witnessed before, thus he deals with two towns at the same time now and one wrong move can start a large scale killing. Rhys Bowen discusses fights on social grounds and depicts the mentality of the villagers who appear to be cool and calm most of the time.

Roger Clark is on with the narration again and no doubt he did well in the first task but this one was quite tough because of the number of voices of more than one person at the same time. Still it is a decent work that Roger has performed.

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